Exfoliating Facial Jar

Exfoliating Facial Jar

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This jar is the perfect exfoliating cleanser needed in everyone’s routine. It tones uneven skin tones and dark marks while removing dry dead skin. It helps smooth out textured skin.

To use 

Activate the sponge by putting it under warm water. Move the wet sponge around the jar until you get the lather you desire. Gently go in circular motions around your face for 1-2 minutes. Rinse then apply the Turmeric & Vitamin C Oil. Do not place sponge back into the jar. Let it sit on top and dry until your next use. 


turmeric, shea butter

Customer Reviews

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Jar of Gold

I’ve been using this twice a day for two weeks and I see an huge improvement in my skin! I’m absolutely in love with this! It’s definitely a must have in your skin routine!


This exfoliation cleanser is hands down the best there is no irritation and no residue the sponge even dried up I be reused as long as you drain it properly and long lasting !!!

Great Product

I was new to exfoliating, but this has worked wonders. It has helped smooth my skin and even out dark marks. It has become a staple piece of my skin care routine!

Stephanie Jones
Amazing product!!😍

I have only used this cleanser for a week and a half but I have seen a lot of difference in my face in one week of using it . Can’t wait to see my 30 day result . If your thinking about trying it definitely do do your skin will thank you for sure 😊

Easy Exfoliate

I know how important it is to exfoliate, but sometimes it can get time consuming but this jar is very convenient, even take it with me during travel because for the way it’s stored in a jar with top. Use this 3xs a week alternating with Lavender wash, glowing skin