Toning Body Butter

Toning Body Butter

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This butter tones and even outs the complexion of your skin giving you a supple and overall hydrating glow, while also fading dark marks, scars, & stretch marks. Apply all over your body after bathing for the best results.

ingredients: Shea butter, cocoa butter, almond oil, grape seed oil, coconut oil

Customer Reviews

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I’ve only used this for a week and love the way my skin feels . Very soft and light . I’ll definitely track my progress and load another review in a few weeks

Adriannia Brown

This product is so amazing, especially with my eczema. It has cleared up many spots for me as well. I will definitely be ordering again!

Leesha Taylor

First, the products I’ve been purchasing has tremendously help my skin body and face. My body is one color, skin brighter, and softer. Secondly, as far as my face. I have light pigment spots above my mouth, and I’ve been using Jas products I know for over a year. My color pigment slowly coming back. I can say this, when I stop using it I can tell how my skin change over time. However, shop pay (after pay) help a lot & I can continuously purchase my favorite products from Jas. Overall, her products has revitalized my self confidence. Now! I don’t have to have makeup on all the time. And even when I do a simple look (light concealer, lashes or no lashes) I’m getting compliments concerning my skin, I can see it too. I keep my routine per usual, follow the instruction, & observe the products elevating my skin! These products are 100% approved. Find your products that you need and stay consistent.

Thanks Jas 💜

Best Toning Body Butter Ever

Faced by Jas Toning Body Butter is my go to cream for all over moisturizing. It has a nice consistency and a light natural scent. I like that it goes on really smooth, and hydrates my skin throughout the day.

Hannah Lee
Toning Body Butter

THE BEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD! I'm not going to lie, before this product I didn't tone/ moisture at night, but I actually look forward to doing it now! It's like I'm sleeping with silk skin! Will definitely be purchasing again :)